spectō: [Latin] - To observe, to watch, to test, and to consider what has been seen.

With over 18 years of experience, netSpecto provides top notch, enterprise level, information technology solutions. For those looking for custom designed and built, cutting-edge, open-source IT solutions, with a foot print left behind of real-time monitoring and analysis of those critical services.


With 18+ years of UNIX and Linux engineering experience, we do believe most problems facing the enterprise today are best solved by open source technology!


Regardless as to if the platforms are hosted locally or in the cloud, not only are these solutions more reliable, most of the operating systems and most of the software are free.

Platform Engineering

Custom Advanced IT Solutions
Technical Expertise In:

Web Services
IT Tools

Total Platform Monitoring

  • Know of a problem before your users do
  • Instantly see the cause and severity
  • Understand exactly how to move forward


To discuss ideas or projects...

EMAIL: David Zuckerman

PHONE: 303.909.8928